Neelofa Terpaksa Berlaku Jujur Isu Isteri Muda Bekas Perdana Menteri


Neelofa Terpaksa Berlaku Jujur Isu Isteri Muda Bekas Perdana Menteri | Selebriti serba boleh, Neelofa menyangkal dakwaan yang menyatakan dirinya kini sudah bergelar isteri ketiga kepada seorang bekas menteri.
Gosip liar yang menjadi viral menerusi laman sosial itu disanggah oleh Neelofa melalui sekeping gambar yang dimuatnaik olehnya di akaun Instagram peribadinya malam tadi.
“I’m 26, single and in no rush to get married. Marriage is a big deal for me and should I get married I WILL definitely share it with the world.
“There’s no reason for me to hide this magical episode of my life when this is one of the occasions that I want to celebrate with everybody that has been supporting and love me unconditionally.
“This will be one of the biggest decisions in my life and in the Name of Allah the Most Gracious the Most Merciful, whatever delusional perceptions / gossips about me being the third wife of an ex minister is RUBBISH!
“Totally RUBBISH! I wish that all of you pray the best for me to be guided and able to make obviously better decision that this irrelevant gossip,” dipetik dari akaun Instagram milik Neelofa.
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